3. End-to-end transformation price in the long run

3. End-to-end transformation price in the long run

If transformation price in the long run may be the micro-conversion of each and every e-mail of this drip campaign, your end-to-end conversion could be the macro-conversion of the drip campaign all together.

Every drip campaign includes a known degree that represents the leads’ phase in the customer journey.

While you most likely have more drip campaigns, you create e-mail workflows for leads who will be at various phases associated with the client journey.

Because of this, you’ll be able to produce a “funnel view” which will show you the conversion that is different between stages.

Every phase regarding the funnel consist of drip promotions, full of content types which can be highly relevant to each decision stages.

Into the final end, it is possible to:

  • Uncover the behavior-flow of the leads involving the various drip campaigns in order to find patterns into the behavior to refine customer journeys.
  • Have actually end-to-end transformation price when it comes to various buyer journeys. Continua a leggere